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English speaking dentist in Lodz

English speaking dentist in Lodz

We are getting many questions, if our dentists at Arie Dental Clinic in Lodz speak English. We are glad to inform you that all our dentists speak English and can communicate with you during dental procedures to explain the treatment plan and answer any questions you have. Apart from English speaking dentist in Lodz, we also provide registration in English (prefferably first by e-mail: All registration forms and treatment consents are in English, for you to be aware of the treatment plan and well informed throught the whole treatment process. We do our best to make you feel comfortable during your visits, as we know that the language barrier can be stressful while undergoing medical procedures.

English speaking dentist in Lodz – Arie Stomatologia / Arie Dental Clinic

In Arie Dental Clinic we offer:

consultations with dentists and specialists listed below,
conservative treatment – dental caries treatment of both deciduous and permanent teeth, scaling & polishing of the teeth, ICON treatment – removal of white stains on the teeth,
endodontics – root canal treatment and re-treatment, also using the microscope and ultrasonic method,
teeth whitening – in-office whitening with Philips ZOOM lamp and take-home whitening treatment,
dental prosthodontics – for example: porcelain and composite veneers, porcelain and composite crowns, dental night guard, dentures, inlays and onlays, bridgework,
dental surgery – extraction of primary and secondary teeth, wisom teeth extraction, A-PRF and I-PRF treatment, guided bone regeneration, bone grafts and biomaterials augmentation, surgical removal of various changes in the mucosa of the oral cavity,
dental implants.

In Arie Dental Clinic you can book a visit to one of the specialists below:

– dental surgery specialist (maxillo-facial surgeon) – dr Katarzyna Bogusiak,
– children dentistry specialist – lek.dent. Izabela Rodziewicz,
– prosthodontics specialist – dr Rafał Nogala and lek.dent. Agnieszka Antoszczuk.

English speking dentist in Lodz Łódź Arie Dental Clinic

You can read more about the procedures offered by Arie Dental Clinic here:

Arie Dental Clinic is where you will find and English speaking dentist in Lodz. If you have any questions regarding the treatment in our dental practice, do not hesitate to contact us:

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